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About Us

Lance Marcum has worked his entire life as a sales or management professional at some level in the construction industry.  Most recently, as Director of Sales at an electrical subcontractor in the Oregon/SW Washington area, Lance has over 20 years of knowledge in the low-voltage contractor, manufacturing, and distribution worlds.  Lance has had the opportunity to manage and oversee businesses within the construction world and has found great success growing these companies to profitable, strong businesses.  Lance maintains critical relationships in the distribution, contractor, and end-user world that allows for continued success.  Lance values work ethic, integrity, and honesty above all else and brings those character traits into his work every day

Jim Muzynoski has lived his entire life in the radio industry.  Growing up as the son of a long-time Motorola employee, Jim has been around RF his entire life.  Over the past 8 years, he has cut his teeth working in sales and management of a successful radio/DAS business in the Northwest.  His direction of the DAS team has given him a unique skill set that translates well to growing Amplified Wireless Solutions.  In addition, Jim has extensive experience with working with different groups within an organization to ensure that they are operating on the same team.  Jim values work ethic, teamwork, and high character in everything that he does.

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