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Technology Overview

Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Systems – The safety of our emergency responders is the most important thing that we assist with at Amplified Wireless Solutions.  Starting after 9/11 and growing in relevance every year after as more and more jurisdictions have adopted the codes, ensuring mandatory emergency radio coverage is something that we take great pride in every day.  The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the International Fire Code (IFC) assist in developing and amending these codes.  These codes are adopted by local Authority Having Jurisdictions (AHJ), that then enforce the guidelines that guarantee that radio coverage is met at the required levels. 

These public safety requirements are different based on what frequencies the emergency responders are using (VHF, UHF, 700MHz, 800 MHz).  Amplified Wireless Solutions can provide solutions for each of these frequency ranges that meet code compliance, regardless of jurisdiction.  AWS will assist in:Pre-testing/site surveyMeet Code mandated coverage requirementsNEMA4 rated, UL Listed, and FCC Type Accepted Repeater24 hour secondary power (UPS and batteries in NEMA rated enclosure)Frequency Specific Solution (VHF, UHF, 700MHz, 800 MHz)Commissioning and Testing of required systemsCompletion of AHJ specific closeout requriementsAssist with fire panel integrationMonitoring/Maintenance of overall systemCode Mandated Annual testing/evaluation of system Carrier Based Systems – The world is changing and cellular communication has become a need, not merely a want.  As the use of landline phones has decreased, in-building coverage for cellular devices to provide voice and data has become a necessity.  This amplification is tricky because of carrier owned frequencies and systems, coverage and capacity requirements, and a wide array of different frequencies that the carriers use.  Finding the correct solution based on the size of your building, your specific coverage requirements, and your financial capabilities can often be confusing.  Our experience with every type of carrier solution offers a great perspective for customers to learn their options and to get the correct system to meet their specific needs.

Glossary of Terms
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